Why Join “East Pipes “

From the onset of their careers, new joiners at “East pipes” are brought on board through a well-structured and enriching Induction program. As part of this orientation program, the recruits interact with the heads of various business functions. In addition, they are encouraged to ask questions to ew breitling professional mens eb501019 002 46mm stainless steel the best of the field executives, which gives them a greater insight into “East Pipes’ businesses its value chain. Moreover, recruits are sent to primary workstations to understand the various business functions of “East Pipes.”

At “East Pipes,” we believe that learning is a never-ending process. Therefore, the company is willing to spend time, money, burberry 11751 men fashion sports shoesand resources for all its employees at various stages of their careers to help them grow as professionals and realize their full potential. Apart from providing functional and behavioral training to all employees, adequate exposure is offered through conferences, seminars, skill-building workshops, etc.

Applying to “East Pipes”
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